Want feedback from Justin Jackson?

Get feedback from the maker you respect and grow your product in the right direction.

Hi, how are you?

There are lots of things after the launch of AskMakers 2.0🤯

I decided to start my own company.

Now I am building MVP of a product called ProductHance - The Best Way for indie hackers, entrepreneurs, and startups to get feedback from professionals.

I am building this because people told me that they want feedback from successful makers like Justin Jackson when I was making AskMakers.

On ProductHance, you

  1. choose the maker

  2. pay money

  3. will get feedback video soon

This is a very simple and straight forward solution to get feedback from professionals.
This idea is inspired by Cameo and feedback I got on AskMakers.

Do you want to get feedback from Justin Jackson, Hari (maker of Visa List), or Pete (maker of No CS Degree)?
Do you want to have limited early access to ProductHance😁?

Please go to https://producthance.com/lp and register your email address for early access 👍

Have a good day!

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