Finally - Launched AskMakers 2.0

AskMakers 2.0 has been launched on Product Hunt😺

I prepared for the launch and it took like 4 hours…
and finally, AskMakers 2.0 is live on Product Hunt now✌️

It was for 10 months before this launch.
I have added some features, and more and more makers joined💫

🛠 New stack

  • Next.js for SSR

  • Totally new design with Tailwind CSS

🎨 Renewed UI

I have worked so hard to make it better for users to browse AskMakers. I am not a designer so I did research, learned, and applied my new knowledge to AskMakers.

👨‍🎤 New featured makers

Thank you for joining!
@jonathanbull the maker of EmailOctopus
@skladfin the maker of FootyStats

🔍 Search questions

🚀 Categories

💬 Comment on the answer

📧 Email notifications

You receive an email notification when you receive an answer, an upvote on your answer, your answer gets bookmarked, or someone comments on your answer. You can turn off the notifications on your setting page👌


There is a feature I am really looking forward to implementing!
It's coming with AskMakers 3.0✨
Can't wait to launch the next AskMakers!

For now, I really appreciate it if you check and upvote AskMakers 2.0 on Product Hunt.

Thank you for reading.
Have a good day☀️